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“Getting involved in anyway: Church, School Clubs, Intramural Sports.

“All good ideas…mind you I’m a first year student here, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.”


Post: Everyone Could Use Some Feedback


Comment: “Really good post! I couldn’t agree more on #2 about being honest. That’s what comments are for, to learn, to grow.”


Post: Top 10 Tips: Bible College Edition


Comment: “Haha this was great! Number 10 is a problem for me sometimes…I would just add: Keep track of your skips.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed a class just because I skipped a couple times too many…3.”


Post: So… what am I NOT seeing?


Comment: “Alright, I can see what you’re saying about ‘customization’ and how that can certainly be a positive, but I don’t think the customization should be to the point of creating these very contained ‘filter bubbles.’ Moderation.”


Post: Infographics


Comment: “To be honest I didn’t know what the term infographics referred to, but it truly is simple especially the way you explained it.”


Post: I Hope I’m Doing This Right…


Comment: “All very good tips and I like how you compared it to ‘judging a book by its cover.'”


Post: The Blogging World


Comment: “I really enjoyed reading this and I feel like a learned something in the process! Also I should fight with people on the internet less…”


Post: Filter Bubbles…


Comment: “I think we can all agree that filter bubbles are disturbing…anyways, nice picture!”


Post: Filter Bubbles & the Future of the Internet


Comment: “What a good post! And I think filter bubbles could eventually personalize the internet. Good picture!”

#10 (professional)

Post: Ricky Gervais Will Return As Host of the Golden Globes


Comment: “Hey, he sticks it to everyone in Hollywood.  Hollywood has became so self-glorified in recent years that it takes someone as harsh as Gervais to take them down a peg.”

#11 (professional)

Post: Larry King is Hittin’ the Road with His Stand-up Act


Comment: “Okay…I have to admit the little bit of ‘comedy’ that he did on the Tonight Show was funnier than my uncle’s stories.”

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Post: Jerry Seinfeld Tackles Technological and Medical Advancements on Letterman


Comment: “This is, in my opinion, Seinfeld doing what he does best: pointing things we all notice and saying what needs to be said.”

#13 (professional)

Post: Talking Funny: The Recap


Comment: “As someone who really enjoys seeing how comedy works and understanding how every specific comedian sets up his act and how they’re all different.”

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Post: Give It Up for Greg Giraldo, A Funny and Touching Tribute to the Late Comedian


Comment: “This was a sad day when he passed and I think this special was everything that it should’ve been and I think Greg would approve.”

#15 (professional)

Post: Norm MacDonald Will Have A One Hour Stand-up Special…You Might Be Asleep for It.


Comment: “I was always a big fan of Norm and his part in the Saget Roast was definitely the highlight…no doubt.”

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Post: Review: Norm MacDonald Me Doing Stand-up


Comment: “I would agree 100% that it is a totally different experience watching Norm and then listening to Norm. I didn’t listen to the CD but I watched the special and I imagine that most people that just hear it might not enjoy it.”

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Post: This Week in Comedy: Dane Cook Did His Best


Comment: “I’m going to admit…I’m not a big Dane Cook fan…that’s it.”

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Post: Video of Louis CK Doing Stand Up from 1987


Comment: “Great find! It’s really cool to hear him in the process of working bits out.”

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Post: Brendan Walsh and Mike Lawrence Stand Up Sets Air Tonight, Preview Clips


Comment: “This is great, I like finding information about up and coming comedians and seeing them get their chances with these stand-up specials.”


Post: Online Writing: a new world of possibilites


Comment: “I couldn’t agree more, especially with the ‘don’t criticize others’ advice, because I feel like people are always using the internet to bad mouth others…Good post!”