The Irish

Ireland is such a beautiful place…and I’m not just saying that.  I’ve been there and it truly is a sight; the grass is seriously greener in Ireland.

My way of arriving in Ireland was by way of a cruise which was of the British Isles.

Ireland’s splendor was even greater compared to Scotland’s less than amazing climate and countryside. No offense to the Scottish or their countryside, but it was just raining everyday that we spent in Scotland, which is really misfortunate because I might’ve enjoyed my time more if it wasn’t raining.

All of that is besides the point, but something that is interesting is I realized that goat’s milk tastes like cow milk that went bad…I also found out that in England goat’s milk is used extensively for cereal.

My point here is not about cereal (as bad as it may be with goat’s milk), but my point is about my perspective on Scotland because of it’s poor weather…but even more so about how much more I enjoyed Ireland, probably because of it’s better than average weather.

My bias is probably more extreme than my talk of bad weather even leads on… you see, my heritage is actually that of Irish descent and with that Irish blood pulsing through my veins I was always was destined to hate anything Scottish and in turn: Scotland.

Long live the Republic of Ireland.


One response to “The Irish”

  1. nclindberg says :

    First of all, let me just say I am so jealous of the fact that you have been to Ireland. Most would say it is my homeland but due to the fact that I lack the blood or the Irish, I remain in America. I loved your comparison of Ireland and Scotland. You have a great way of communicating your humor through your writing. Great post.

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