Stand-up School (Part 4): The Punchline.

The Punchline.

Don’t forget the punchlines in your jokes. This is the most difficult part for a beginner and also the most important part to remember. Punchlines should be obvious and probably the climax of whatever subject you’re talking about. The most obvious way an experienced audience member can tell if this is your first time is if you’re just on stage rambling about nonsense and not giving the audience very specific places to laugh. You shouldn’t go onstage not knowing when in your act that the audience will laugh.

Also don’t forget to just go up there be natural and be yourself…an audience can tell when you’re being phony and the whole art of stand-up comedy is based on individuals being personable, likable, and relatable. And always remember what your up there for…you’re there to make people laugh, which is fun! Don’t worry too much about it, but you should still care…so worry just the right amount.

For record none of this was supposed to be funny, just informational…I take comedy very seriously.


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