Stand-up School (Part 1): History Lesson

If you ever wanted to be a stand-up comedian then you should consider reading the next three posts. I’m a stand-up comedian (take my word for it), I’ve been doing it for a while and I just want to share the different phases that I went through before I became anywhere near average at it.

The Beginning.

Well, before you can get onstage and say anything remotely edifying or funny, you need to write some material “jokes” if you will.

However, even before you do that: you must understand and study the comics that lie before you.

History Lesson.

When I say study, I mean study. Watch videos from Steve Martin(–TGQGNFc), George Carlin (, Don Rickles (, Steven Wright ( and MItch Hedberg ( just to name a few…

And with the mention of Hedberg, there are a lot of more contemporary comedians that are definitely worth a watch, but I’m not here to recommend comedians to you…I’m here to help you get on stage with the goal to be humorous.

Now, once you’ve watched these comedians you will get into the process of figuring out your style and in what kind of way you will be writing. It is also important to keep in mind the delivery that will accompany the words you will be writing. Some things are funnier when said slower or faster and different inflections, but practice will make these possible adjustments obvious…


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