Republican Debate Analysis

Let me tell you something about the Republican Debates…as someone who doesn’t follow politics much, I feel it is my duty to weigh in on the recent Republican Presidential Debates.

I will go candidate by candidate:

Mitt Romney: Clearly a front-runner for a a couple reasons…1. People know his name. 2. He doesn’t say stupid things 3. His values line-up with the core of the Republican party. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Ron Paul: He’s a Republican?

Rick Perry: The dude’s been doing pretty good…except for forgetting the third government agency he would do away with in the middle of the debate and his idea of a recovery is bumbling around for a ridiculous amount of time and he eventually ended with: “Oops.” Smooth.

Michele Bachmann: I remember she was a Republican favorite for a while…and that’s all I know of this name.

Rick Santorum: Another name that was talked a lot about a while ago, but now…(cricket)

Jon Huntsman: I’m more of a “Heinz guy.”

Herman Cain: Okay…Herman Cain acts like he has nothing to worry about. He gives off a vibe like, “I’ve got this wrapped up…Foreign policy? Whatever, man.” I just don’t understand why he’s running, he doesn’t make any attempt to try and understand any sort of facts that a presidential candidate should know.

I say all of this to give more of an “every-man’s” view on how the primaries are looking…and I’m calling it now: Mitt Romney.


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