The Downside to Being Hilarious.

Oh, yeah…there’s a downside. Let me help you understand very quickly.

First off, I’m hilarious…that may sound cocky but it’s no joke. You’re going to have to take my word on that so we can continue.

Okay, so…the downside. Hey, fellas, remember that idiot friend of yours who convinced you that this chick was “into you” because you kept her laughing? Well, in most cases that’s right…I’m convinced that a chick will laugh at anything a dude says if she is into him.

And here: the Downside, if you’re hilarious (by this logic) you would think most chicks are into you. Here lies the problem…most chicks AREN’T into you.

Solution: find out if you’re hilarious. Now, this isn’t easy but I’m going to try and simplify it for you in a few complicated steps.

One, actually listen to what you’re saying when this chick laughs. Ask yourself, “Why is this funny?” “Is it actually funny?”

Even if you don’t think something is funny doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny. You might not fit your own demographic in this situation. Humor is subjective, remember that…

Anyways, this is simple…just test your words in similar contexts with a different audience.

If you get a majority percentage to laugh, then you are indeed funny, but if you don’t…then she might be into and you wasted all this time for nothing.

All of this, to say: Girls don’t take interest in funny dudes, because girls like douchebags and douchebags aren’t funny.

Go ahead, check my math.


One response to “The Downside to Being Hilarious.”

  1. johnyfernandez says :

    Dean! This was hilarious. I like the examples that you use and how you use your personality when you write. I agree with you with what you have to write about. Maybe we should forward this to every guy out there. Especially the one guys that think they are cool but are total dorks.

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