Archive | November 12, 2011

TOW: Using Storify

Using Storify is pretty simple…take my word for it.  I’ve used it before, I have proof…I covered the NBC’s Halloween Thursday Night Comedy line-up. Since I have covered at least one story using Storify, I am qualified to give my five tips for using Storify.

Tip #1.

“Cover something that’s worth covering.” I can some this up by saying: Do as I say, not as I do.

Tip #2.

“Use a hashtag that will give you the most relevant tweets.” Sometimes an event will have a designated hashtag that they will want people to use when they tweet about the event, find this hashtag and search for it and you’re golden.

Tip #3.

“Weed out all of the spam.” A lot of spam accounts will latch onto popular hashtags…like leeches.

Tip #4.

“Include your own tweets.” You have to give your own personal opinion on the event as well as be at that event, but don’t over do it with your own tweets…just a few every now and then.

Tip #5.

“Don’t overcomplicate it, it’s easy.” Just compile the tweets and what have you and get out of there, and hopefully you did a good job.

I hope this helps a little bit, but not too much…check out my Storify below.

View the story “NBC Thursday Night Comedy: Live Blog.” on Storify]