Archive | November 5, 2011

TOW: Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism, such a hard concept to grasp…not really, it’s self-explanatory: it’s citizens doing things that a journalist would do, inadvertently covering a story.  In the age we live in, citizen journalism is becoming more and more prevalent.  Everyone that owns a smart phone can potentially capture a story through a picture taken with an iPhone.  Citizen journalism is a more direct way of getting information to the masses with social networking (like Twitter, for example), but the real factor that makes this the case is the power and reach of the internet.

Some of the first images that people saw of 9/11 were captured by citizen journalists.

Citizen Journalism gives a a raw look at the world, and it really makes you think…an average person like all of us captured these images or reported and blogged about this event they saw happen live and it almost makes the event more personal.  No offense to “real” journalists, obviously…it’s just the time we live in where almost anyone can report the news, but also it won’t be one person exclusively reporting a story.  There is no more exclusivity to news stories anymore.

The times are changing and now most people gets their news the quick way and they just check twitter.  We live in such a fast paced society that no one wants to spend time watching the 7 o’clock news.  Citizen Journalism aids that, so I guess I’m cool with it.