TOW: Google?

Google is a search engine, but apparently it’s an engine that runs differently for every individual person who uses it.  That’s what Eli Pariser is proposing in the video below, he has a run tests and has basically proven this fact.

But what does this mean for the internet and how we all use it? This could mean that we are only shown what Google thinks we want to see and it might not show us news stories that we should maybe see.  Google is trying to keep us out of the loop, while trying to cater to what we like based on what we normally search for.  It’s done out of trying to help, but it hinders what is included in the cone of what we see when we search.  This selective permeability is limiting what the internet is for each individual person, this personalizing is changing what the internet is.  The internet should be a community that shares as much information as possible with as many people as possible.  The internet is literally an interconnection of computers all across the world, so I don’t think anyone’s intent should be to filter what information is shared.

This just shows how the engineers at Google think they can use a algorithm to figure out what any certain person would want to see when they search any word on their site.


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