I don’t like this.

I don’t like this.

The National.

Why is this band not popular?

I’m not trying to be one of those dudes who’s like: “No one’s ever heard of this band; that means they’re cool!” Whether or not I am one of those dudes has yet to be seen, but I can tell you for sure that I’m not trying to be one of those dudes.

Lyrically and musically superior to Arcade Fire and they won a Grammy. Wait…side-note: If music that appeals to hipster/indie “individuals” becomes popular or recognized then it ceases to be indie and/or hipster music.  Let me explain: hipsters (interchangeable with indie individuals) only listen to music because it is “unpopular” or “anti-mainstream.” Hipsters are like scavengers in the way that once something is deemed “cool to do” by society, the hipsters will move on. Hipsters are all about doing things before it’s cool. ie: “I was jumping off cliffs before it was cool,” said the hipster.

Anyways…back to the National.

Logically they appeal to at least two groups of people.

Drummers and English majors.

Let’s start with the English majors.  They will like the National because every song is riddled in semantic mystery.  It is like a couple-hundred-piece puzzle trying to figure out what the songwriter is saying and it’s good for more than one listen. Here is an excerpt from the song “Karen” off of their 2005 album Alligator:

Without warm water in my head
All I see is black and white and red
I feel mechanical and thin
Hear me play my violin again
I’m living in the target’s shoes
All I see is black and white and blue.
Idle, idle, idle, idle, protect the nest
Protect the title 

What is he singing about? He’s drunk…that’s one interpretation. Another things about the lyrics: they are so ambiguous that there can be more than one meaning in every line, which some people might hate…but that’s okay, because they suck.

Drummers will love the National…well, just listen.


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