TOW: In Case You Ever Want to “Storify” Something.; let’s get down to it.

Storify is a website used to: “…make stories using social media.” According to their website.  It is somewhat of a journalism website that will let you cover a story by, essentially, compiling tweets from various sources.  I find this idea very interesting and troubling at the same time…

It’s like in high school when your teacher always said you can’t use wikipedia as a source on a paper.  I’m not saying twitter is anything like wikipedia.  Wikipedia actually has fact checkers, who make sure that people don’t write hilarious things on their pages.  Twitter has no fact-checkers and on a related note: Twitter has a lot of morons on it.  These two facts could lead to a lot of problems for Storify.

The thing that makes Storify interesting is its ability to access opinions from people all over the world.  That is a great thing about twitter, it is a global community with essentially opinions from every type of person.

However, the merging of these two points can make for a good compromise.  If, through Storify, the people compiling tweets only choose tweets from reliable sources or first account of a story then this makes Storify a slightly more reliable source for news.  This selective quality of the “Storify-er” will be the deciding factor whether or not the reader will trust the information that is presented.

Storify. The website that can be reliable, but it’s not exactly a newspaper.

Then again, newspapers are dying.

So I guess this Storify thing ain’t so bad.


One response to “TOW: In Case You Ever Want to “Storify” Something.”

  1. accolepr says :

    I agree that storify may have taken the place of newspapers a bit. Which makes it a bit of a bitter sweet exchange. The great thing about storify is it’s ability to work across numerous social platforms allowing for faster communication and more information to be delivered to the reader. Great post!

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