TOW: Want to Learn how to Write Effective Headlines for Digital Media? Don’t look here…

But nonetheless, here are 5 tips for writing effective headlines for digital media. I originally had 10 tips, but I narrowed it down to the five best out of those ten.

Alright, listen here…you see what I did there?

Here’s lesson number one through five:

Tip #1. Trick the reader into reading your post by using false modesty.  This is the oldest trick in the book that I am still in the process of writing.

Tip #2. Readers are drawn to posts with interesting titles.  I tried to make an example with the title of this blog post, but it may be more accurate and less interesting…if you catch my drift.

Tip #3. Make sure the title pertains to what the post is actually about.  A good rule of thumb (from someone who isn’t good at this) is to start with a title that is very bland and try to spice it up from there.  The only thing better than a surprise in a headline is a five dollar bill. Write that down, kid.

Tip #4. Use positive words. People usually want to read an uplifting message and sometimes negative words like, “no” or “don’t” (like in this headline) will drive away a lot of potential readers of your blog.

Tip #5. Use interesting words. This tip is a lot like tip #2, but the difference here is using specifically interesting words to enhance your title as a whole.

I hope these tips have helped slightly more than the title led on.


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