TOW: Comments?

Why are comments important for blogs?

Why should I care if someone wants to ridicule my writings?

Also, why should I care if someone wants to praise my writings? (if that would happen)

Blog comments, despite all of these questions, are a good source of feedback from the public.  Comments also lend credibility to your posts that have positive comments on it.  People who can’t form their own opinions about things will be able to look at the comments left on your blog and think, “Hey, this person likes this blog…so will I!” So I think that should be taken into account when talking about comments on blogs.  In the harsh light of spam comments and comments are not constructive in any way, I may have developed a negative opinion of comments general.  To put it into perspective: I’ve seen youtube before.  Comments, from my experience, are where people on the internet tend to voice their opinion in a colorful and creative way…colorful and creative being mean and deconstructive.  The only time people put any sort of effort in writing a comment is when they are looking to be cleverly devilish.  I would give examples, but this is for a class, so for the sake of those who will read this (mostly the professor) I won’t print any of them.

I rarely leave comments and maybe most people who actually have something to say feel the same way about comments and that’s why they decide against leaving any comments.  What I may have learned from analyzing comments is that I should leave more comments and change the way people perceive comments.  People, as a collective whole, determine what comments are put on the internet and if we can convince idiots and scornful individuals that comments aren’t cool then we may saturate the wave-links with more insightful commentary.

All that being said, don’t comment.


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