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The Great American Blog…that is Sean Hannity’s, if you couldn’t tell just from the name. Apparently this isn’t just a great American blog, it is the Great American Blog.  Anyways, the interesting thing about this blog is its mixture of more personal posts and posts related to new stories.

The blog of America includes many different kinds of posts.  Some posts relate to Sean Hannity as an individual and a celebrity figure, like some of his posts in reference to his magazine covers such as Newsmax.  Or similarly, promotion of guests on his show or his friends who have things that need to be promoted.  The other posts are in relation to relevant news stories that are honestly few are far between.  Of the most recent posts on the blog, only one out of ten is a legitimate news story.  I find this to be more troubling in reference to the fact that this is supposed to be a “news blog” and majority of the posts are not related to real news.  Maybe this speaks to the fact that the twenty-four hour news cycle makes it seem as though there are not as many important stories as unnecessary ones.

Something Hannity does very well that any blogger can learn from: it is his self-promotion.  As far as promotion in general goes people usually have a hard time promoting themselves, specifically. Self promotion is something that you need to do shamelessly and Sean Hannity obviously has no shame.  All insincerity aside, this is a great blog…


2 responses to “TOW: FOX News Blog”

  1. relating2thepublic says :

    This post first stood out to me because I really enjoy watching or listening to Hannity! I love how you said it is “The Great American blog”, not just a great American blog! I also like how you said that it is his self promotion. A lot of times that would be looked at as narcissistic or vain, but it is the truth! His blog is raising publicity about his show, his opinions, his voice, and it’s okay that it is!

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